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Training To Prevent Hamstring Injuries

If you’re not familiar with your hamstrings, they’re a group of three large muscles on the back of your thigh that activate during any sort of movement involving the hips and legs. So you can imagine that a hamstring injury might put a little bit of a kink in both

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Power Training

High Intensity Strength Work During In-Season

Injuries in sports are generally non-negotiable, but upping your strength to include high-intensity strength work throughout the duration of your training — that means off-season and in-season — may just be the key to creating a stronger and more efficient athlete, as well as decreasing the risk of serious injuries.

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Power Training

Rapid Response Training — CNS Activation

The central nervous system (CNS) controls the entire body. It’s comprised of the brain and spinal cord and is responsible for initiating every activity in the body from breathing, walking, or running, to sleeping and thinking. But one thing a lot of athletes don’t know is that CNS activation could be

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Speed Training

Change of Direction vs. Agility Training

A lot of coaches and trainers refer to change of direction (COD) training and agility training as one and the same — but they aren’t. When it comes to COD and agility training, both are necessary for an athlete’s performance, but there are certain drills specific to each that prepare

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Body Tempering For Physical Performance

Body tempering is one of the lesser known methods of soft tissue work that can have a profound impact on an athlete’s ability to perform and recover. Developed by Donnie Thompson, a record holding powerlifter, body tempering may be the key to decreasing muscle soreness and discomfort, increasing range of motion,

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Speed Training

Why Recovery Is Key To Training

Physical stress is high when you’re an athlete, and, frankly, there’s no way around that. While proper nutrition can help mitigate some of the effects of stress, proper rest and recovery are imperative to ensure peak performance. Unfortunately, most athletes neglect recovery. The “no days off” philosophy trumps and we

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