Is It Humanly Possible To Unlock Your Full Potential And Shoot For Elite Athletic Excellence In Just 12 Weeks?

A Simple, Science-Backed 3-Phase Program To Rewire Your Movement Patterns... Guaranteed To Take Your Athletic Performance From Average To World-Class.

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Do you feel a knot in your stomach each time you worry about your true athletic potential? About freak injuries?

The fear can be paralyzing when you look at ‘gifted’ athletes who perform at a whole different level, right?

Here’s the most important thing to understand about the human body…

There’s no such thing as a ‘gifted’ athlete.

I don’t care if your genetics are ‘un-athletic’… or if your family has a history of churning out overweight accountants.

If you’re willing to do what it takes…

You Can Join The Ranks Of Elite Athletes!

Stick around for a minute and I’ll prove this to you.

You’re about to discover a freakishly successful system

A blueprint that rewires your body’s natural movement patterns from scratch..

That takes your performance from mediocre to ‘machine-level’ in three simple phases.

Within 12 weeks!

I don’t want to jinx it, but some people start feeling the difference in Days

We call it The Athletic Recode System.

And it has helped thousands of athletes and coaches transform their lives and careers!

The Athletic Recode System Is The Only Rewiring Program That’s Backed By Science...

But what makes it really special?

It works like a charm regardless of…..

❌ Your Age

❌ Current Fitness Level

❌ Genetics

❌ Past Injuries

How The Best Athletes Skyrocket Their Performance...

How can you and I read this page but a golden retriever can’t?

The secret lies in our HUGE brains…

The human brain is the BIGGEST among all mammals.

But it comes at a cost!

You see, carrying around a skull weighing 13 pounds isn’t ideal for optimal movement.

Walking, running, and jumping on two legs is a complex process that needs perfect execution.

How did Usain Bolt pull off the impossible? Why was Michael Jordan the best?

The Answer Lies In Optimizing Movement Patterns

We analyzed these patterns after studying tens of thousands of hours of ultra slo-mo footage

We dissected the movement patterns of Jordan, Maradona, Roger Federer, Tom Brady, Jerry Rice and many other A++ level performers…

What helped them perform at the highest level with minimum injury?

It’s NOT about brute force

It’s NOT about genetics

It’s NOT about some secret ingredient

It’s All About Mastering Movement!

And this is where GOATA gives you a shortcut!

GOATA (Greatest Of All Time Athletes) is the science of observing human movement patterns in slow motion, and The Athletic Recode System uses these principles.

the Athletic recode training system

The entire program is designed to reset your natural movement patterns to blast your way to the next level:

✅ Enhance durability by removing irregular movements.

✅ Avoid non-contact injuries by priming your body to perfection.

✅ Use your new superpowers to achieve greatness in your sport.

Just think about it for a second…

What if you could perform at the levels of the ‘1% athletes’?

Imagine walking into the college team by default…

Visualize being ‘The Star Athlete’ at the arena…

It’s your time.

Phase One

Building The 45
Degree Pressure Wave

Remember what I told you about the countless hours of ultra slow-motion footage we researched?

Well, you don’t need to put yourself through that!

In the first phase, you’ll get the direct benefits of this research…

✅ Learn how to harness the natural pressure waves generated by your pivot points

✅ Rewire your brain to mimic the movements of Tier-1 athletes

✅ Use a read-to-follow template that rewires your muscles, joints, and tissues for elite performance

✅ Reduce the risk of injuries by avoiding poor movement trajectories

Phase Two

The Pivot Point
Energy System

Our body is a complex system of delicate joints and pivot points.

Master the art of extracting maximum energy from this pivot point energy system, and you’ll maintain excellent performance…

✅ Learn how to control your pivot point movements to avoid nasty injuries.

✅ Boost your speed, vertical jump, power, stamina, and overall athletic performance.

✅ Follow-along workouts and stretches to optimize your results.

Phase Three

GOATA Strength & Explosion

This is the phase that literally gives you a ladder to the top tier!

Learn how to develop maximum strength and extract the best performance out of your recoded body structure!

✅ Build explosive strength to excel in any sport.

✅ Rewire your brain to help it release dynamic strength on demand.

✅ Avoid critical injuries when you train for strength and hypertrophy.

Now let me throw in a few INVALUABLE freebies to make this a no-brainer…
You get ALL These FREE Gifts When You Join The Athletic Recoding System Today!

Bonus #1: Daily Prep Series [Free Today]

Discover how a successful daily routine looks like for Tier-I athletes.

Inside you’ll find:

✅ The perfect morning routine for an ideal start to the day.

✅ An optimized pre-training warmup routine.

✅ A scientific night routine for maximum rest and recovery.

Bonus #2: The Retune Series [Free Today]

You don’t spend most of your day running or training. You spend it at your home/college/office.

Maintaining an ideal posture is very important for recovery and injury-prevention.

In this section you’ll find guides for:

✅ Rest and repose.

✅ Archetypal postures for recovery.

That’s not all! There’s a hidden guest appearance waiting to be unlocked!

Bonus #3: Performance Nutrition [Free Today]

Even if your training protocol is the best in the world, it’s useless without a proper nutritional strategy

In this section, you’ll get access to a goldmine of nutritional advice from one of the best in the world… John Koveos

This is the exact nutrition seminar we used when I coached professionally with the Toronto Argos and you’re getting it for FREE.

Bonus #4: PEP Nation Community [Free Today]

Surround yourself with a strong support system of all our trainers and people like you.

You have access to the forum 24×7 and you’re allowed to ask noob questions!

Motivate yourself with amazing success stories written by community members.


* One Time Purchase, Lifetime Access, And 30 Day Money Back Guarantee *

Real reviews from athletes, coaches, and parents ARound The World:

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…and countless others who have gone through and used this EXACT program to become a better Athlete or Coach.

30 Day

Unlike the so-called gurus peddling fake information and looking to make a quick buck, I’m a serious athlete myself.

I’m so confident about this program that I’m offering a no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

Don’t like the program? Contact customer support within the first 30 days and get your money back.

No hassles. No hidden tricks. No strings attached.

If you’ve made it this far, I can already tell you will be a perfect fit for the program.

I know you’re someone who takes action, so I know that you will become the athlete you want to be by using our training and joining the community of athletes we have.

I am giving you the exact tools needed to do so and I hope you don’t take the opportunity lightly. There is absolutely no risk to you as we have a money-back guarantee.

If you’re ready, go ahead and click the button below to proceed to the order form. You will get access to the program and the bonuses immediately upon purchase.

I hope to see you on the inside!

Frequently Asked questions

How do I gain access?

This program is completely digital. You can access the members portal using any device that can access internet. After you purchase you will immediately be sent your login information to get started. You will NOT be sent anything in the mail.

Can anyone do this program?

The Athletic Recode Sytem is perfect for anyone who is in high school or above (ages 13+). If you are younger or less experienced you still can do this program, but you may need to cut back on some of the sets and have someone help you learn the form.

How many days per week is this?

The program consists of 3 phases with varying days depending on which phase you are in. The nice thing is that this program is customizable to your schedule since it’s not extremely taxing like some that involve heavy weight room usage.

How long is the program?

Each phase of this program is 4 weeks long. Over the course of the 12 weeks you’ll go through 3 of these cycles progressing forward with each phase. 

What sports is this program for?

This is one of the more common questions we get asked and it’s a simple answer. Almost 99% of sports involve some sort of athletic movement like jumping, cutting, running, etc. this program helps improve those areas to make you an overall better athlete. 

Is there a money back guarantee?

We offer a complete money back guarantee is you don’t like the program after 30 days. We believe so much in our product and the science behind it that we can offer this. All you have to do is contact support and let us know you want a refund.

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