Ankle Bands

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225 in stock

The Speed Ankle Bands were created for the Athlete looking to increase their Athleticism and Explosiveness! The Bands were designed to activate and challenge athletes to use their lower body (Hip Flexors, Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Glutes, Groin and Core) to help increase their Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers through Speed and Strength Training.

Our Bands can be used by athletes of all ages from 8 and up due to our multi-band resistance package. The Speed Ankle Bands comes with 3 different resistance levels, Light (Grey), Medium (Red) and Heavy (Black) tubes. The red tubes resistance will be the most utilized due its stretching flexibility that can be used for both beginners and intermediate athletes.The black tubes were specifically created for an Elite Training Experience, creating maximum tension in every explosive step you take.

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