Rapid Release Trainer


164 in stock

164 in stock

The Brand New Innovative PEPFast Rapid Release Trainer is a quick release multi-directional speed and agility tool designed for resistance training to increase speed and power!


Designed and tested by Pro Athletes, the Rapid Release Trainer is a proven tool to enhance first step quickness and top-end speed through overload resistance training. Use the acceleration harness to get in the greatest position possible to work on form running technique or increase first-step quickness!


The Rapid Release Trainer was designed for the most Elite Athletes in the world to produce power and recruit Fast Twitch muscle fibres for superior athleticism!



  • Innovative Quick Release Technology
  • One attachment, Linear Acceleration Harness
  • Challenge athletes through dynamic resistance and “Rapid Release” to build power and increase speed
  • Train for speed in every direction


SET INCLUDES: 1 Training Attachment Acceleration Harness , “Rapid Release Trainer with Handle” and PEPFast Carrying Bag


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