The Exact 12 Week Blueprint You Need To Follow To Improve Your Running Mechanics And Get Game-Changing Speed

To start, I want you to think about the difference between a Fast and Slow Athlete.

If you guessed genetics, you’d be wrong…
If you guessed ethnicity, you’d be wrong…
If you guessed work ethic, you’d be wrong…

Now let me explain.

Even though these are important, they are ONLY a part of the Big Picture when it comes to getting Faster. It’s not always about giving 100% effort and out-working your opponents. You have to do it in a SMART manner and that comes from years of knowledge, practice, and repetition.

Especially in today’s world where everyone and their grandma claims to be an “Expert” trainer.

Been there, done that.

There are so many coaches who claim to have the best training, courses, products, etc. all guaranteeing you ridiculous results just to get you to buy. That’s NOT who I want to be and NOT what the PEP brand stands behind. I can’t promise that you’ll dunk in 1 week, or drop your 40 time by 1 second, or gain 50lbs on your bench press.

What I can promise is that with hard work, dedication, and a good coaching program you can become a better athlete.

What I can also promise is that the information you find in ANY of my programs has been proven and tested over years and thousand of athletes. I don’t just create this stuff from thin air. I test it and use it with REAL athletes.

When I was younger, I wanted to be the best player at my position and help my team win the championship. That was literally my only goal. I became frustrated that all the hard work I was putting in wasn’t enough and it wasn’t getting me noticed.

Now let me ask you, have you felt that way?

If you answered yes, then you’ve come to the right place. You deserve the best.

The best program…
The best coaches…
The best community…

With this new program, The Speed And Agility Accelerator, I have literally taken all my experience as a trainer at the youth, high school, college and pro levels and made the best speed program on the market. By the end of this program you will be running with the Right Technique and Faster than ever.

If you’re ready to become that DOMINANT athlete then the time is now. I am literally handing you the Keys to your success and it comes with a NO RISK policy. You have all the potential to get faster, you just need to trust me. Let’s get after it.

See you on the inside,

Coach Pierre


(Here’s An Overview Of What You Get)


Blast Your Bench Program

Have you ever wondered how some Athletes can rep 225 on the bench for 20+ times? We’ve personally helped Athletes break their previous PR with this 30 Day Bench Program that you can use with the Speed and Agility Program. Included today in your purchase at absolutely no extra cost!

BONUS #1: ($97 Value)

Performance Nutrition Seminar

If you’ve ever wondered what YOU need to be taking from a Nutrition standpoint as an Athlete then this is for you. We sat down with expert nutritionist John Koveos and went through everything related to performance nutrition for athletes. BCAAs, supplements, diets, electrolytes, literally everything is broken down for you. The value you will get from this can’t be stated and you don’t want to miss it.

BONUS #2: ($67 Value)

Pro Cone Agility Series

Our exclusive agility cone series that we use behind the scenes with our Pro Athletes. This is a video series we included where Pro Athletes come train with us and show their BEST exercises and workouts using agility cones. You will see the exact routines that the Pros perform and you can start implementing them in your training today! We don’t want to spoil any names, but we can promise it’s good!

BONUS #3: ($297 Value)

PEP Nation Private Community

Every customer who buys a PEP product gets access to our community of athletes, coaches, and parents. With over 3,000 members, we are growing rapidly and the constant communication is awesome! This community is going to be one of the best places I promise you that. It is full of fun and helpful interaction among customers as well as direct access to the PEP team for any questions along the way.

Everything you get FOR JUST ONE PAYMENT OF $97!

* One Time Purchase, Lifetime Access, And 30 Day Money Back Guarantee *

Real reviews from athletes, coaches, and parents on the program:

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…and countless others who have gone through and used this EXACT program to become a better Athlete or Coach.

100% Money
Back Guarantee

I am so confident that my program WILL help you that I want to offer you a guarantee you can’t resist. If you aren’t happy and satisfied within the first 30 days then I will send 100% of your money back. No hassles, no subscriptions, just all of your money back. I am crazy enough to do this because I truly believe that this will change anyone’s athletic career. So I want to give you absolutely no risk in making this decision.

If you’re like me and you skipped down to the bottom, here’s the rundown. 

This program is a 12 week long Speed and Agility focused regimen that follows this schedule below:

Phase 1: Biomechanics & Technique

Phase 2: Reactive Game Speed & Agility

Phase 3: Next Level Speed

In each of the phases above you will do exercises that are tailored towards improving your speed, agility, and more importantly game performance.

I am giving you the exact tools needed to do so and I hope you don’t take the opportunity lightly. There is absolutely no risk to you as we have a money-back guarantee.

If you’re ready, go ahead and click the button below to proceed to the order form. You will get access to the program and the bonuses immediately upon purchase.

I hope to see you on the inside!

Frequently Asked questions

How do I gain access to the program?

This program is completely digital. You can access the members portal using any device that can access internet. After you purchase you will immediately be sent your login information to get started. You will NOT be sent anything in the mail.

Can anyone do this program?

The Speed and Agility program is perfect for any age athlete as it’s all bodyweight. Some of the movements can be hard at first, but with or guidance you should be able to do most, if not all, of the exercises prescribed in the program.

How many days per week is the program?

The program generally consists of 3-4 days of training that focus all on building speed and agility. These are typically done before a strength workout or on the off days of your “main” program. It requires no gym and little equipment. 

How long is the program?

This is a 12 week regimen that is designed around 3 phases to help make sure you are best prepared to get faster. We start by focusing on form and technique and then work into more advanced speed training methods as we progress. 

What sports is this program for?

This is one of the more common questions we get asked and it’s a simple answer. Almost 99% of sports involve some sort of athletic movement like running, cutting, reacting, etc. this program helps improve those areas to make you an overall better athlete. 

Is there a money back guarantee?

We offer a complete money back guarantee is you don’t like the program after 30 days. We believe so much in our product and the science behind it that we can offer this. All you have to do is contact support and let us know you want a refund.

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