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Hey there speedster,

Have you ever been told you can’t get faster?

That it’s simply a matter of genetics and that you’re born with it? 

Yea, I have too…

And unfortunately, it’s a lie that I still hear all the time.

So, before we begin let me tell clear one thing up…

You CAN Get Faster...

And in the next few minutes I’m going to prove this to you…

Because I’m going to take you through my exact 3 phase speed system:

The Speed & Agility Accelerator.

And it’s a system that YOU can follow immediately…

That’s been tried and tested on thousands of athletes to make them faster, more agile, and more reactive.

All in less than 12 weeks. 

Heck, most people see results in just the first 4 weeks alone!

This is the only system GUARANTEED And PROVEN to help you run faster.

Regardless of your:




Or any other nonsense you’ve been told over the years. 

But, don’t take our word for it – take theirs.

Keep in mind, these are 100% REAL results from athletes around the world just like you!

All of them have gone through this system and come out the other side faster, more agile, more reactive, and less injury prone than before. 

And I can’t stress this enough:

You too CAN get faster. 

With the right program, the right support, and some dedication…

You can transform your athleticism.

It’s time to stop training to be slow and start training to be fast.

So let me formally introduce you to The Speed and Agility Accelerator.


The Speed & Agility Accelerator combines 100s of hours of research with proven training methods used by elite-level pro athletes. This program is a 12 week regimen that progresses through the following 3 phases of training.

Biomechanics, Form & Technique

During phase 1 of the system you’ll be teaching your body the fundamentals of speed. My favorite saying is “you can’t build a house on an unstable foundation”. 

That also holds true with running.

In this phase you’ll learn, practice, and begin to master the proper technique for sprinting, cutting, and moving as an elite athlete.

You will train between 3-4 days each week with 45 minute sessions.

Reactive Game Speed & Agility

In phase 2 you’ll learn how to harness the power from the foundation you built during the previous weeks. 

We’ll go through various styles of running, stopping, and cutting drills …

While also utilizing a lot of reaction styled drills to sharpen your mind at the same time. 

Each session will last around 45 minutes and you’ll train on average 3 days per week. 

After these next 4 weeks you’ll have skills necessary to go into the final peak phase of the training.

Next Level Speed

The final phase of the program is all about maximal intent training.

In order to be fast, you must train fast.

It’s as simple as that.

Over the final 4 weeks you’ll learn how to maximize the best performance out of your rewired body!

This is where you’ll start to notice some serious speed gains…and now it’s time to dominate the competition on the field or court.

Minimal Equipment.

Maximum Results.

Formulated specifically for busy athletes who want maximum results with minimal fuss, The Speed & Agility Accelerator makes advanced, science-backed training available to everyone.

You can get the same results as the pros; in your local gym/park or even at your house. With almost no equipment and even minimum experience, you can train like an elite athlete.

Minimal Equipment.

Maximum Results.

Formulated specifically for busy athletes who want maximum results with minimal fuss, The Speed & Agility Accelerator makes advanced, science-backed training available to everyone.

You can get the same results as the pros; in your local gym/park or even at your house. With almost no equipment and even minimum experience, you can train like an elite athlete.

12 Week


45 Minute

All Experience

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‘No-Hassle’ 30 Day Guarantee

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You Now Have Two Options...

OPTION 1 – Ignore everything I told you today…

You can forget about all the information I laid out for you. Forget about the tried-and-true method that’s worked for me and the athletes who’ve trained with me…

And try to do it all alone. You may see a bit of improvement.

But the plateaus are inevitable.

Let’s not forget all of the time you waste tirelessly scouring the internet for a speed program, only to end up not progressing whatsoever.

OPTION 2 – Try My Speed & Agility Accelerator and Guarantee You Become Faster and More Explosive in the Next 12 Weeks

Take one small step today…

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Thousands of people are seeing results FAST with the Speed & Agility Accelerator.

But time waits for no man…

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A This program is completely digital. You can access the members portal using any device that can access the internet.

After your purchase, you will immediately be sent your login information to get started. You will NOT be sent anything in the mail.

A The Speed & Agility Accelerator is a 12-week program.

The program consists of 3 phases of 4 weeks each. Each week will have 4 days of workouts with rest days phased in between.

A We offer a complete money-back guarantee if you don’t like the program after 30 days.

We believe so much in our product and the science behind it that we have no issues with this deal. All you have to do is contact customer support and let us know you want a refund.

A The Speed & Agility Accelerator is perfect for anyone who is in high school or above (ages 13+). If you are younger or less experienced you still can do this program, but you may need to do some basic bodyweight exercises.

A This is one of the more common questions we get asked and it’s a simple answer.

Almost 99% of sports involve some sort of athletic movement like jumping, cutting, running, etc. This program helps improve those areas to make you an overall better athlete in 12 weeks.

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