Schinoussa Sea Vegetables "Berry Antioxidants" 270g 60 Servings


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The Sea Vegetable and Berry combination was created for advanced lifestyles. Athletes, seniors or those recovering from injury need extra antioxidants to produce faster healing and recovery effects. Each selected berry offers its own healing benefits. Energy, digestion, anti aging, reduced stress, cleansing are some of the natural benefits. Heart, lungs, brain and many other organs benefit from the purity of these berries.


  • Energy
  • Brain Health
  • PH Balance
  • Detox
  • Repair Tissue
  • Immune Support
  • Anti Viral / Bacterial
  • Anti Aging
  • Weight Loss
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Schinoussa Sea Vegetables contain a blend of raw superfood algae that provide the body with a natural, whole-food nutritional supplement. The algae blend in Schinoussa is a complete food, high in B vitamins, minerals, and is a source of all amino acids. With its active nutritional whole food algae supplements, Schinoussa provides potent detox, anti-aging, and daily nutritional support in an easy to take powder form. No wheat, gluten, yeast, sugar, egg, soy or flavours.

Schinoussa sea vegetables antioxidant formula provides an incomparable amount of nutritional value. Sea vegetables are the earth’s first food and naturally provide 100% of every vitamin and mineral. They are nature’s own multivitamin formula. Above and beyond sea vegetables contain the phytonutrients, phytochemicals, and carotenoids such as Astaxanthin. Sea vegetables contain the best source of chlorophyll know for heavy metal cleansing, and this formula is clinically tested to reduce free radicals and alkaline pH. We added thirteen berries for more variety free radical protection.


Ingredients per 1 tsp/4.5g serving (60 servings)

Schinoussa Proprietary Formula: 2500mg
Spirulina, AFA (E3Live)*, Chlorella, Schinoussa Island Algae, Irish Moss, Red Marine Algae, Nova Scotia Dulse,
Exotic Berries: 1000mg
Goji berry, Bilberry Fruit, Cedar Berries, Hawthorn Berries, Mulberries, Juniper Berries, Saw Palmetto, Schizandra Berries, Sumac Berries, Amalaki Fruit, Haritaki Fruit, Bibhitaki Fruit
Ground Flax Seed: 2000mg

*Certified Kosher and Organic


What is Schinoussa?
Schinoussa is an amazing sea vegetable superfood.

What is it made with?
Schinoussa is made with 6 key sea vegetables: Irish Moss, Spirulina, AFA (E3Live), Chlorella, Red Algae, and Dulse.

Why these 6 ingredients?
Quantum Nutrition’s scientific team has made this formula a propriety blend because these ingredients offer the most powerful energy, immune enhancing, detoxifying, and nutrient supply compared to any other food on the planet.

How can I consume Schinoussa?
It can be mixed with your favourite juice or smoothie as a morning beverage with breakfast or any time of the day. Or try warming one cup of nut milk or soy beverage, add 1 tsp, stir and enjoy. Schinoussa can be consumed once a day as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Why is Schinoussa different than other green drinks on the market?
It is the only 100% Photonutrient drink mix on the market. All of the sea vegetables are packed with Photo (Sun energy), which is the most powerful energy source in the Universe.


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