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Change of Direction vs. Agility Training

A lot of coaches and trainers refer to change of direction (COD) training and agility training as one and the same — but they aren’t. When it comes to COD and agility training, both are necessary for an athlete’s performance, but there are certain drills specific to each that prepare

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Body Tempering For Physical Performance

Body tempering is one of the lesser known methods of soft tissue work that can have a profound impact on an athlete’s ability to perform and recover. Developed by Donnie Thompson, a record holding powerlifter, body tempering may be the key to decreasing muscle soreness and discomfort, increasing range of motion,

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Founder, Shea Pierre, has been training athletes for the last decade and isn’t slowing down. After gathering a decade of knowledge training athletes of all ages he is expanding into the digital realm. No more paying 1000s of dollars to expensive trainers, he is going to bring you the best programs in the WORLD all available online. There are a lot of new programs that are coming out in the next year.

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