At Pierre’s Elite Performance, we are obsessed with human performance! With proven research and our relentless pursuit of the best training methods, we combine programs that are designed to unlock the potential in every athlete that walks into our doors. We base all our training on years of research and scientific data that has proven to create Elite Level Athletes. Our MISSION is to build an Elite athletic foundation from the ground up so you can focus on dominating your competition and winning every battle no matter what sports you play!


Founder, Shea Pierre, has been training athletes for the last decade and isn’t slowing down. After gathering a decade of knowledge training athletes of all ages he is expanding into the digital realm. No more paying 1000s of dollars to expensive trainers, he is going to bring you the best programs in the WORLD all available online. There are a lot of new programs that are coming out in the next year so stay tuned. 


State of the Art Training Facility

Located in the west end of Mississauga, the ATC is home to Pierre’s Elite Performance and is regarded as the top training facility in Toronto, to build Elite Level Athletes!

The 10,000- Square-Foot- Facility features:

  • 30 by 10 yard High Performance Turf and Mini Hill for Explosive, Plyometric and Skill Development Training!
  • Cutting Edge High Performance Equipment like:
  • Hammer Strength Racks
  • Keiser Functional Trainers
  • Keiser Air-Runners
  • Tread Sleds
  • In-Body Composition Analyzer
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Physical Therapy Clinic