What People Are Saying About PEP

Hey PEP Nation! My name’s Frank Renaud and I am a professional football player in the Canadian Football League for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. I grew up in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and played my collegiate career at the University of Windsor.

I am proud to say that I worked with Shea back in the earlier days of PEP when he’d be training myself and a few other athletes early in the mornings at 5/6am. Pierre’s dedication to his craft has been one of the most motivating journeys I have ever seen in the world of fitness and I’m excited to join the team!

My sport specific goals are to improve my warm up program as I’m looking to further my career as a professional football player. I am confident that being involved in this group will be paramount in making strides to becoming the absolute best athlete I can become. As I finish the preliminary stages of my second ACL rehab I’m excited to dive into some new programming that will elevate my game to new levels and I look forward to seeing MORE stories from all of you PEP members.

Cheers to long, healthy lives! 🙏🏾

Frank Renaud

FYI I’m a S&A coach in Michigan. Retired cop after 25 years of service. This training is the most purposeful thing I have ever done. I used your big figure 8 with cutting in/out of cones at the end drill last night at training. Got it from your soccer girls. My kids loved it. I posted it and gave PEP NATION a thank u.

Appreciate what you do brother. Thanks for helping guys like me help my kids.


Hello everybody, I am beyond excited to be a part of this group why? Because Pierre is honestly one of the best I have seen doing what he does I’ve been following closely his page, his videos, all the movements how to properly execute them and only in the past few months I’ve learned so much. So I’ve decided to join because I wanted more, it can only benefit me i am sure and in our industry LEARNING is key you cannot think you know it all. So sorry I’ve talked a lot but that is because I am excited, I own my own gym/studio in Montreal Canada which is prime time training studio, and I have competed at a high level in basketball, football and boxing so I am also an athlete my self. Cheers everybody!

Prime Time Training

Almost four weeks with new the warm up, I must say I’m so thankful for it. My team is well prepared for the first time. For myself, I usually always got hamstring cramps during the 3200m, but with this warm up I have had no cramps, no tight muscles, and feel amazing. Thank you Shea!

John David

Really feeling the benefits of the warm up into the 4th week now 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

Ola MrFitspiration Sogbanmu

Hey, just tried the multi-direction warm up for the first time today, and it totally helped improve my quickness, change of direction, and even my vertical jump during my game. who knew?! Thanks for such an awesome program!

Zhareef Shariffudin

I have been extremely impressed with this program. Being a collegiate baseball player you need to have quick and explosive movements, specifically in the lateral plane. I feel that the multi directional warm up and mobility phases allows me to properly train the way I would on the baseball field. I have also been incorporating the explosiveness plyometric jumps in my training protocols to get an extra edge for my sprinting and jumping. I currently go to school to study exercise science in hopes of becoming a sports performance coach just like yourself. Having the ability to learn from your program will not only allow me to better myself in the process of becoming a coach but will also allow me to teach others as I grow in this profession. I have nothing but great things to say about this program and I am looking forward to continuing to improve my overall athletic ability while learning and teaching along the way. Thanks again for the great product, and keep up the great work!

Hunter Reeser

Checking back in, just wanted to say I love the program and the website is amazing and easy to follow. One of my HS athletes thanked me for recently getting his FIRST DUNK. The feeling was amazing to help him achieve that, Just wanted to say thank you love everything about this! #PEPNATION

Irvens Eristil

To put it effectively and simply this program is the best on the market and something which has been hardly obtainable for individual athletes in various states and countries especially when out of team training periods. It allows top tier strength and conditioning coaching accessible everywhere and to everyone willing to put the work in. There are many new and intricate exercises that are hard to grasp but they will be your favorite once you acknowledge their rewards

Ivanov Lo

Honestly, this is the best program I’ve ever seen. Glad I made that choice to purchase it. Helps me with every aspect throughout my performance!

Definitely helps to reduce serious injuries!


I own a CrossFit in South Florida. I have found that performing warm-ups in a “standard” static way is usually draining for me and clients. As soon as we started doing the dynamic mobility pieces with the crew, I was jazzed up which made them much more excited. There is something amazing about moving rather than sitting still that my clients resonate toward.

Additionally, our group fitness classes have been implementing the French Method and we can use very simple movements to implement one of the most important aspects of fitness that most other overlook: power. The movements and ideas prescribed in the eccentric block one are awesome, and simple enough that there isn’t much of learning curve to using them.

So far, so good!!!

Sean LeFloch

Hey PEP Nation! My name is Tammy and I’m a physical therapist, certified group fitness instructor, previous and pre-teen soccer players. Outside of my work in the clinical setting, I work with groups of soccer teens with injury risk reduction work and some off-season training. (I’ve used Shea’s PEP Warm Up Program with them and they love it!) I am also a volunteer judo instructor and do basic conditioning with some of the competitive kids there. As a previous national level competitor in judo, I am so excited to be doing Shea’s Sports Performance program personally as it is THE most athletic and all-encompassing program I’ve seen to date. I love Shea’s creativity and thoughtfulness that I see that he’s put into your work Shea…it is commendable and appreciated.

Tammy Uyeda